Ferrelton is a small community with a cluster of buildings on the coast and a few cottages and farms located on the hillside behind the center of town. The town is dominated by it’s weather. The buildings are built to withstand cold nights, occasional flooding from the sea, and the winds that occasionally batter the town. Thus, the buildings are built of thick beams made from dark hardwoods. The walls are upwards of a foot thick of wood and adobe. The town consists of a c shaped plaza facing the sea and a wide arched street mirroring the shape behind the plaza. The street behind the plaza is completely covered by a wooden canopy to deal with the recurrent storms.

The Plaza contains the Inn called The Great Inn, The Bearded Dragon and various shops in stalls along the boardwalk. The shops include the following:

The Gem Trader

A small operation trading gems and some minerals. This stall is located just to the left of The Great Inn and is run by Rodan Terp. His home is a narrow two story home, well-appointed and located directly behind the Gem Trader on the outer ring of the plaza.

The Arms Reach

Here weapons can be bought and sold. This shop is ran by Thomas Joles who is a friend of Brenton Smith-Blacksmith and runs this shop to sell his goods for him. Weapons on the racks here are general martial weapons and a few more common ranged weapons. Prices when the shop is running are about the same as in the PHB but right now the store is only open by special request due to the storm. Superior weapons and specially built items are brought from Brenton’s home upon special request.


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